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F O L L O W   T H E   S E R A P H

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A B O U T   S E R A P H I M

       In an abstract celestial realm, assume the role of a great otherworldly being, defending the planets within him from invading sentient matter. Blast comets from your six mighty wings as cosmic constructs surround you from all directions. Destroy them and survive for as long as you can. Compare your highest scores and aim for the heavens!
       Seraphim seeks to restore interest in true arcade-style gameplay by adding a stunning post-modern look and feel, giving the genre a proper reboot. Learn each item and feature and use them to your advantage!
       Seraphim Features

- A Captivating, Abstract 3D Art Style


- Fast-Paced Twin Stick Arcade/Shooter Action


- A Full Story Mode Featuring 24 Stages


- A Score Attack Mode With Leaderboard

    Bent on innovation and player engagement, the stages of Seraphim are crafted to challenge both skill and wit. Their variety and experience are bound to create moments that you will remember forever!
   As a one-person development effort, Seraphim is designed and crafted from scratch to provide ceaseless replayability, old-fashioned arcade competitiveness and that nebulous “one more game” feeling. 

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